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Sharon Our Team Sharon is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. Sharon was the founder and CTO of Nano Dimension developing a complete desk-top 3D printing system for multilayer PCBs. SHARON FIMA Founder & CEO New Layer Omri Our Team Omri is a three time entrepreneur with years of experience in executive positions developing multidisciplinary systems in the Digital Health field. OMRI SCHANIN COO & Co Founder New Layer Guy Our Team Guy has broad international business experience with a successful track record of transaction generation and execution. Prior to joining MeaTech Guy was the CFO of a tech-focused holding company. Prior to that Guy was an investment banker for Leumi bank in Israel and Barclays investment Banking Division in Israel and in the UK. Guy holds a BA in Accounting & Economics from Tel Aviv University. GUY HEFER CFO New Layer Simon Our Team Simon Fried brings extensive international executive experience in the areas of strategy, business development, product and marketing from the additive manufacturing, electronics and neuroscience sectors. SIMON FRIED Business Development New Layer Tal Our Team Prof. Dvir is an expert in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, he Serves as a consultant at MeaTech TAL DVIR Biology Advisory New Layer Shlomo Our Team Prof. Shlomo Magdassi is a professor of chemistry, at the Casali Center for Applied Chemistry, Serves as a consultant at MeaTech SHLOMO MAGDASSI Chemistry Advisor New Layer Avraham Our Team Avraham has over 20 years' experience in finance, fundraising and corporate governance in high-tech and life science startups. He holds an MBA in Finance and Accounting and a B.A. in Economics and Logistics. AVRAHAM HAMPEL VP Corporate Development New Layer Dan Our Team Dan specializes in R&D and product development and he is a 3D CAD expert. Dan has more than 10 years of experience working in hi-tech companies specializes in the printing market like HP-Indigo, Nano Dimension and others. Dan holds BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as executive MBA in Management of Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship. DAN KOZLOVSKI VP R&D New Layer Lena Our Team Lena is an accomplished designer who finished her degree in Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. She specializes in designing cutting edge products, based on great visuals. Lena has extensive experience in designing innovative and complex industrial Products. LENA BIRGER Chief Designer New Layer Tima Our Team Tima is a senior integration engineer who specializes in machine design and 3D printing processes. Tima has over a decade of experience in R&D of advanced printing systems and leading new technologies used in 3D printing. Tima has led complex projects in several leading 3D printing companies and served as director of development lab and integration team. TIMOFEY SHMAL R&D integration manager New Layer Tal Our Team Tal is leading the technical roadmap of all MeaTech projects including meat printing principles and software architecture. Tal has over 20 years of experience in systems architecture, projects management and advanced 3D printing algorithms. He had mastered those skills by leading numerous software projects in successful 3D printing products. TAL KALKSTEIN Software Manager New Layer Itay Our Team Dr. Nakdimon, the manager of the biology lab, finished his PhD and postdoc at Zurich university, with an emphasis on molecular genetics. From there he continued to manage several labs at universities, hospitals and startups in the fields of cancer and stem cells research. ITAY NAKDIMON Biology Lab Manager New Layer Dorit Our Team Dorit has a bachelors degree in animal science from the Hebrew University, and a masters degree in medical science from Tel Aviv University. Specialized in MSCs purification and maintenance in 2D and 3D cultures for clinical applications. DORIT ELIYAEV Tissue Engineer New Layer Tal K Our Team Tal has a bachelors degree in biochemistry and food science from the Hebrew University. Experienced in intestinal disease animal model development and have highly experienced in the live stock field. TAL KOLLEK Food Product R&D New Layer Lior Our Team Lior Yedidya (B.Sc in Chemistry and Life Sciences and M.Sc in applied Chemistry) is a senior R&D scientist with over 10 years of experience working at start-ups. Lior specializes in Nanoparticles, surface chemistry, scale up and printing. Lior was the Chief Chemist at Nano Dimension and led the materials R&D activity. LIOR YEDIDYA Chief Chemist New Layer Shiri Our Team Shiri has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She gained experience in materials science research at UCSB and neurobiology research at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Her focus is bioengineering, with an emphasis on process development and design. Shiri Arnon Researcher New Layer Dana Our Team Dana has a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and food science from the Hebrew University. Gained extensive experience in animal behavior analysis at the Weizmann Institute of Science and specializes in food technology, sensory evaluation, and food properties analysis. Dana Hillel Researcher New Layer

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