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about Global protein consumption especially of meat and meat products continues to rise. The food industry’s burgeoning demand for livestock creates massive environmental, health, financial and ethical problems. MeaTech 3D is developing an alternative to industrialized farming, circumventing the ethical and environmental issues surrounding conventional animal husbandry by developing an industrial cultured meat production process with integrated 3D printing technology.

8% of the world's water is used for raising livestock for meat and leather.

At least 18% of the greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere are from the livestock industry.

33% of croplands are used for animal feed production.

Slide CELL COLLECTION Cell lines are developed to reliably express particular characteristics. GROWING CELLS Stem cells are transferred to bioreactors for exponential growth under ideal conditions. DIFFERENTIATING Upon reaching sufficient cell quantities, stem cells are differentiated into fat and muscle cells. GROUND PRODUCTS Unstructured cell-based products (beef or chicken): fat, ground, hybrid or formed. CELL-BASED PROCESS VISION Solution

Slide BIO-INKS Bio-inks formulated from our cell lines and unique scaffolding materials are loaded into our 3D bioprinter. 3D BIOPRINTING Bio-inks are accurately printed to assemble cells as they would be found in a conventional cut of muscle. INCUBATION Printed product is incubated to mature and form tissue. STRUCTURED MEAT Produced in fraction of time required to achieve same cut via conventional means. CULTURED STEAK VISION

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